Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Putrajaya Horse Show June 2009

Nabila, Faizal and me went to Putrajaya Saturday June 20. Sesat nearly 40 minutes to find this place!!!. Events : Jumping and dressage

And the winners are ....

Warming up and waiting for their turns

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Riding in De Ranch Bandung June 2009

Nabila and Faizal riding on (x ingat nama kuda) riding on De Ranch in Bandung. Notice - there is no helmet, no gloves, no boots and no chaps ...... Safety precaution tak ada...

Alysha's Farm: June 09

Left is Alladin. Below is Portos guling - guling atas tanah - so happy . The horse I mean...

Tuah in the right pic. Nabila took this shot.

Faizal riding Aladin

Nabila riding Gypsy

Cikgu Faizal from Kelab Pony Kelantan

Kelab Pony Alysha's Farm (RISP Kelantan)

Tuah and friends - shot by Nabila

Alysha's Farm: March 09 - Cikgu Mohd Faizal

Tuah - about 5 months old

Cousin Najwa on Seri

With Cikgu Mohd Faizal

We went to Padang tembak for riding lesson and Cikgu Mohd Faizal from poni kelab kelantan was kind enough to teach Nabila

Ongoing lesson: uniten

Riding Sarko

more pics of Faizal and Nabila

Lunging - tambat tali takut kuda lari tak tentu arah

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mommy started in Kiara Equine Park. This brown horse is Zazu

This is Tordilla and my trainer

The helmet was borrowed

Nabila's first lesson

Nabila started her lesson after SPM 2008

with pak Atan

posing on Sarko


Faizal's first lessons

Faizal started riding in uniten nov 2008

Sarko and pak yassin
This is lunging

still lunging. Pak yasin has to use the lunging whip and lunging rope to control the horse

horse riding 'gadgets'

First you must have boots.
then you must have helmets
and chaps
and gloves
and whips