Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fadhil - Alysha's Farm

At Alysha's Farm. Cikgu Faizal came the day before. Fadhil on Gypsy.

UPM Lagi.

Left: Nabila on Bulls Eye (her second session)

Fadhil rides Hunter from his 4th lesson onwards. Hunter is a bit temperamental and is prone to bucking. But, once you get to know him, he canters really smooth - and faizal agrees with this.

Fadhil leads (above left pic) . Nabila is on the last horse - Bulls Eye - right pic.

Alif and Nabil with Bulls Eye

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fadhil's 4th and 6th lesson

The first video below is Fadhil on Hunter (4th lesson) . Somehow, Hunter is in a very bad mood - he refuse to cooperate and start bucking/jumping/cantering all in at once. So, they change horses - with Fadhil riding Paint. Video on the right is Fadhil's 6th lesson - riding Bulls Eye

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fadhil's Riding Lesson 1

Fadhil's first lesson. Signed up at UPM Equine Centre. First time

Adjusting helmet

His first comment on horseback: Tinggi nya kuda ni...

Below is Lolo - only 5 days old as of Sunday July 5. Hisap susu lagi

Fadhil on Hunter.

Faizal pulak riding Hunter

Faizal on Hunter

Nabila, Fadhil, cousin Hapi with Paint

Pinto and Faizal at Uniten

This is Pinto - Faizal's favourite horse. Pinto is now been used for jumping in horse competitions for he jumps really well.

So, there is no more horse left for riding school - that's why we have to find another place to continue riding.
What a pity - kinda like the place...